Modern Outdoor Stools

We expose ourselves to the elements in our nature. Modern comforts like outdoor bar stools and counter height stools enable us to enjoy the company of trusted cohorts or bask in our solitude. Bring the outdoor world right to your doorstep with outdoor stools by Industry West. We pride ourselves on the quality of its outdoor patio stools. Our outdoor stools are crafted of weather-resistant steel, aluminum, plastics, outdoor fabrics, and other materials that can handle the weather. Our outdoor stools can go with you anywhere or just as far as your backyard.

From mid-century modern to industrial and contemporary outdoor stools, Industry West provides a wide selection to choose from for your patio space. Whether a vintage, retro, or modern design, our outdoor stools are the perfect addition to your outdoor furnishings. Our outdoor bar stools accent your tiki or outdoor bar, while our counter height stools work around any patio table.

Industry West has the finest selection of outdoor stools to immerse yourself in the outside world however you please. Tough enough to withstand harsh conditions, our outdoor stools are made with the finest craftsmanship for years to come. Make your patio your own by perusing our full line of outdoor furnishings. With outdoor bar stools and counter height stools, outdoor entertaining has never been this comfortable.