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Cane Storage Bed

Give your bedroom a sophisticated centerpiece—the Cane Storage Bed provides both art and utility in any open bedroom space, offering an oversized headboard with built-in side tables. The wrap-around design of the bed's frame creates a cozy nook for restful sleep.

Cane Bed
Cane Bed Starting at $3,120

A contemporary reinvention of a popular mid-century design, the Cane Bed hosts vibrant ash wood and curved contours for an unmistakable bedroom centerpiece.

Nordic Bed
Nordic Bed Starting at $3,559

With sophistication in mind, the Nordic Bed takes a simple frame and upgrades its presence. Enhancing your bedroom in much the same way, the Liam incorporates subdued intrigue into your space's design.

Madra Bed
Madra Bed Starting at $3,539

The Madra Bed contributes clean lines to your bedroom space, offering an uplifting atmosphere with its lightly-colored oak frame.