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The Best Furniture for the Modern Living Room


The Best Furniture for
the Modern Living Room

From late-night movies to yearly celebrations and total relaxation, living rooms are made for, well, living—and your furniture should be too. No matter the occasion, a well-designed living room is at the core of your gatherings, where you live your life, and often the most challenging to furnish. Balancing beautiful style with functional design is no simple feat, and each piece of furniture must adhere to a larger design narrative that displays your character. So, how do you know where to start?

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Pick a Focal Point in your Living Room

Any room can quickly become cluttered without balance, but avoiding this is simple by choosing a focal point. Whether it’s a fireplace, piece of art, window, or TV, setting a central item around which you design your living room allows you to expertly place accompanying elements without upsetting balance or drawing attention from the room’s main focus.

Pick a Style + Stick With It

We know it’s tough, especially with all the stunning designs circulating the furniture scene. A major key in cohesive living room design, though, is ensuring every element melds with the next, which means finding your style early and sticking with it. Are you looking for a traditional space or are you really into mid-century modern design? Perhaps you’re feeling glamorous or whimsical, or maybe you’re really just looking for the best place to relax. No matter the style, maintaining consistency is paramount to choosing furniture for your living room refresh.

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Choose the Right Size Furniture

As the unofficial entertainment hub, your living room needs furniture that’s equally suited for gatherings as it is for fine design. No matter the number of people in attendance, there are a few Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind. First, do choose furniture that’s both stylish and comfortable, but don’t sacrifice structure for style. Second, do measure your space before you buy, and don’t just "eyeball" it. Finally, make sure your living room furniture allows for enough space between pieces so that you and your guests can move around easily and you don’t feel trapped by your brand-new space.

Choose Durable, High-Quality Furniture

If you recall from our detailed Dos and Don’ts above, we never want you to sacrifice structure for style. Your living room is a high-traffic area that requires well-made, sturdy furniture that will last for years. Finding pieces crafted from quality materials such as solid wood, grade-A steel, and leather is the best way to ensure the longevity of your pieces both structurally and stylistically.

Alfred Sofa and Selby Coffee Table

Pick a Great Sofa

Your living room isn’t complete without a great sofa—but with so many options available it seems nearly impossible to know which one to choose. While traditional sofas can often serve as timeless centerpieces, sectional sofas are perfect for filling large living room spaces and offering a comfortable spot to lounge while watching movies or working from home. Of course, you could always venture toward a contemporary piece with clean lines and an intriguing silhouette, like our Prospect Sofa

No matter the design, make sure the materials work for your lifestyle. Leather sofas are sophisticated and elegant but require light maintenance to keep the surface looking fresh, and while white fabric sofas are stunning, they may not be the best choice for spill-prone individuals. Not sure which fabric would look best in your living room? Take advantage of our complimentary swatch program to receive material swatches straight to your door. 

Try Some Throw Pillows

If you’re looking for a simple way to spruce up your space, throw in some throw pillows! Throw pillows are a great way to add color, texture, and dimension to any living room without overhauling your furniture. They can also provide added comfort to your most relaxing spaces. Choosing pillows that match your personality is a great way to add a dash of character to those everyday rooms.

Mac Sofa Grey and Navy Linear Diamonds Cushion Set
Prospect Sofa Cream and Throw Pillow

Pick a TV Cabinet or Stand

If you’re thinking you don’t need a console because your TV is wall-mounted, we say think bigger! Consoles are a great way to add balance, character, and storage to your living room, regardless of TV status. Though consoles are inherently large pieces, you can easily find a design that is low-profile and fits perfectly in your space to display décor or personalized trinkets.  

Add Some Accent Tables

You say accent table, we say couch-side convenience! Accent tables are the perfect way to add intricate design elements to your room without sacrificing functionality. From drinks to remotes to magazines, styling a good coffee table or side table makes all the difference in transforming your living room.

Fragments Marble Side Table
Fragments Occasional Side Table

Get a Rug

Listen, your floors endure a lot—show them some love with a handcrafted rug for your living room. Rugs are a unique way to express your personality while simultaneously softening the space. Ensuring the rug is the right size for your living room is essential in achieving your desired look, so make sure you bring that measuring tape!

Fuller Rug and Ojai Sofa, Ozark Side Table, Hudson Floor Lamp

Invest in Good Lighting

Good lighting is paramount to any room, often setting the mood with bright or dull tones and creating shadows that can help—or hinder—your design vision. Ambient lighting is perfect for those relaxing evenings and can easily be achieved through table lamps and sconces, while pendant lights and floor lamps are often task-oriented.

Don't Forget the Seating

If you plan on entertaining, you’ll need plenty of seating. Lounge chairs, ottomans, and benches are a great way to incorporate additional seating into your living room while supporting your design goals. Aside from being stylish and comfortable, lounge chairs and benches are easy to rearrange, allowing you to easily achieve the flow you want in your living room.

Your living room is the place you go to feel at home, and while furnishing the perfect living room can often feel overwhelming, Industry West has a wide variety of tips, tricks, and furnishings for you to achieve that magazine-cover look without sacrificing your budget. Whether anticipating a total overhaul or a simple sprucing, we’ve got everything you need for your home.

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