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Furniture Gifts for the Holiday Season


Furniture Gifts for the Holiday Season

Gifting furniture is no small feat—aside from the budget constraints, understanding the nuances behind another’s furniture style is difficult. If you’re up for the challenge, however, it can be rewarding to offer someone a unique piece for their home, office, or business, and what better way to find inspiration than through a holiday furniture gift guide? Join us as we explore the best furniture gifts for friends and family that you know they’ll love and won’t break the bank.
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Know Your Furniture Gift Budget

Listen, we know you love your close circle of companions as much as we love ours, but setting a budget you feel comfortable sticking to is essential in making the holidays happy for both the recipient and the gifter. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend helps narrow your furniture gift options and avoids that awkward over-gifting or under-gifting scenario. Once you set your budget, stick to it! It’s easy to get caught up in the tinsel and lights of holiday gifting, so be mindful of your budget throughout the gifting process.

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Consider Their Style for Your Furniture Gift

For friends who have an obvious style, this one’s easy, but for those people whose style still seems like an enigma, it can be difficult to decide on a furniture gift you think they’ll like. Accounting for the recipient’s personal style makes your furniture gift that much more meaningful, so take a look around their place next time you’re over and make a mental note of their style tendencies—or better yet, just ask them!

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Think About Their Furniture Needs

Let’s be honest, nobody likes extra clutter or receiving gifts they’ll never use—and the same thing applies to furniture! Understanding the furniture needs of your gift recipient will help narrow down (or even eliminate!) your furniture gifting options, allowing you to purchase something they’ll use and love for years to come. Consider the size of their space or the number of furniture pieces they already have—for example, if they live in a smaller space, a large lounge chair may not fit in any of their rooms. It’s also important to consider the amount of time they’ve lived there, as long-time residents often have all of the essential furniture pieces they need while new residents could be lacking the basics like counter stools, side tables, rugs, or décor. No matter the case, our selection of carefully curated pieces offers the perfect character-filled furniture gifts for every person on your list.

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The Most Popular Types of Furniture to Buy as Gifts

Because furniture gifts are often subjective in style, necessity, and function, those big-ticket items like sofas may not make the best presents (unless it’s a present for yourself!). Choosing pieces that are easily rearranged and fit the style of your recipient without going over your budget is sure to please. These are our top furniture gift choices:


Ottomans are a popular choice for furniture gifts because of their versatility. Whether kicking your feet up or styling with a tray and some trinkets, ottomans serve effortless style without taking up space. Their functionality fits multiple spaces while unique designs offer a pop of color and character to the room.

Hemlock Ottoman + Pouf

Dining Chairs

How can something as mundane as dining chairs become an unforgettable gift that stays with you for years? Finding chairs that are expertly crafted and unique in style—that’s how. While dining chairs are a simple addition, they can easily rejuvenate any dining room with high-quality character and tailored personality.

Lounge Chairs

While lounge chairs are a larger purchase than ottomans or dining chairs, they’re almost universally loved. Lounge chairs offer comfort and style in spades, filling those unused corners of the room or refreshing old seating with a contemporary, timeless design. Lounge chairs are easily moved and can be found in hundreds of modern, traditional, or chic styles that fit every personality, making them a thoughtful furniture gift for your favorite people.

Kangaroo Lounge Chair

Patio Chairs

Though the outdoor season may not last long for everyone, enjoying a tailored patio space with high-quality furniture never gets old. Patio chairs are the perfect furniture gift for nature lovers who enjoy basking in the sun on those stunning spring days, offering a stylish place to sip tea or coffee and soak up the outdoor oasis.


Benches are as versatile as they are stylish, offering a grounded design for those spaces that are lost in translation or a hint of personalized style in rooms that are fully furnished. Benches are a great furniture gift for every size space, providing extra seating for large parties or an entryway staple for everyday use.

Compass Bench
Tahi Coffee Table + Decor


Furniture is a thoughtful gift, but if you’ve realized it’s not the right gift for your recipient, don’t worry! Décor is another clever way to incorporate a piece of personalized design into your furniture gift without actually gifting furniture. Décor pieces range from small coffee table trinkets to larger lamps, rugs, and wall art, and come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and textures to fit every personality. Décor gifts are perfect for those people whose spaces are fully furnished or simply too small for a furniture addition.

Shopping for furniture can be tricky, especially when it’s a furniture gift, but setting boundaries and knowing your recipient’s style makes it easy to browse high-quality pieces without sacrificing your budget. Explore all of the best furniture gifts this holiday season with Industry West.

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