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Designing a Great Dining Room with Industry West


Designing a Great Dining Room
with Industry West

From intimate dinners to special occasions, your dining room is a universal space that brings friends, family, and strangers together through good food and great conversation. It’s a space that is warm with welcome and full of character, and though unique design and contemporary lines are sure to stand out, your furniture should be equally as functional as it is beautiful. Follow along as we share some top tips from design pros on upgrading your dining room with Industry West.

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How Big is Your Dining Room?

An obvious consideration when designing any space is the amount of room you’re working with. Large dining rooms allow flexibility with furniture size and layout, serving as the perfect dinner party location, while small dining rooms provide an intimate place for character and construction to shine. No matter the room’s size, Industry West has an expansive selection of pieces to fit your needs and your space. 

Cane King Bed Natural Wood
Cane King Bed and Hemlock Pouf
Cane King Bed Natural Wood
Cane King Bed and Hemlock Pouf

What is Your Dining Room’s Purpose?

We can’t always predict those last-minute parties, but we can plan around everyday needs. Designing a dynamic dining room that satisfies your lifestyle means creating a layout that’s both stylish and functional, with plenty of space for those large gatherings or just enough for your dinner for two.

What is Your Budget?

With every purchase comes a price tag, but designing a high-end space doesn’t have to mean incorporating a high-priced budget. Industry West’s curated selection of handcrafted furniture is available in a range of shapes, sizes, styles, and prices—so you never have to sacrifice quality for cost.

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Time to Design

Now it’s time for the fun part! Though there are some obvious elements every dining room needs (a table, for example), there is so much room for creativity. Incorporate different textural elements, décor, seating, or wall art to add depth and character to your dining space without overwhelming guests.

Picking a Great Dining Room Table

The centerpiece of your dining room is undeniably the table—and what better way to make a statement than with a handcrafted piece from Industry West? Choosing a table involves a little thought, and yes, a little tape measuring. After all, you do need to be able to fit the dining table in the room! You should also consider the number of guests you’ll be accommodating regularly and plan on a table size that is large enough. Our Fitzroy Dining Table is perfect for entertaining large groups for any occasion and features a stunning oak wood table top with industrial, modern legs. If you’re looking for a more traditional style, try our Ledoux Dining Table for a natural addition to the room. Regardless of design, these expansive table tops allow comfortable space for up to 10 guests or offer the perfect buffet-style setup for large parties.

For those of us graced with smaller spaces, we may consider a round table to maintain an open and functional feel. Our Alma Dining Table is perfect for intimate gatherings and maintains a simple silhouette that goes with any chair or décor. If a round table isn't for you, explore our selection of small rectangular dining tables to elegantly fill the room. 

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Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Chairs

Naturally, after you have a table you’ll need a place to sit! Searching for dining room chairs can be overwhelming—the sheer number of options is vast and oftentimes quality comes second to style. Industry West is different—we never sacrifice high-quality materials for high-end design. Our curated selection of dining chairs is built to last, often being commercially rated for large-scale projects. 

Picking the perfect dining chair leaves a lot to consider, but it’s also an opportunity to incorporate distinctive character into your space. Industry West has a wide selection of sturdy dining chairs for every taste—from modern to traditional—that will make guests want to stay. If you’re outfitting a larger table, try a more robust seat with arms. For smaller rooms, our Cane Dining Chair would fit perfectly around your table. For those who plan on occasionally hosting but want to easily maintain their space, our selection of stackable dining chairs is perfect for extra seating needs that can be stored in an instant. 

Picking the Perfect Dining Room Lighting

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that lighting changes everything. Choosing the perfect light for your dining room not only sets the tone but also adds unique character to the room that draws guests in and makes them feel welcome. Our Verdo Chandelier is a popular lighting addition to modern dining spaces, allowing personalization with its characteristic grated spheres. If you’re looking for something less central to the room, try our selection of wall sconces, pendant lights, or floor lamps in your design, keeping in mind the height of your ceiling and the desire for dimmable features. It's also important to remember that not all your lighting has to match! Coordinating different lighting in your dining room adds cohesion, but mixing it up with various lights of similar styles is a unique way to graft character through intimate details. 

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Your Perfect Dining Room is Available Today!

Designing the perfect dining room doesn’t have to be tricky with Industry West’s line of eye-catching furniture, décor, and tips. Whether upgrading your space with brand new chairs or redesigning the room with all new elements, we make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Explore our entire selection of quality pieces or get in touch with us today for your dining room needs.

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