Creative Director Anthony D’Argenzio’s New Industry West Line is Inspired by the New Hudson Valley Aesthetic


By Heather Bien

If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through the collected, captivating images of New York-based studio Zio and Sons, then you know the ability of Founder and Creative Director Anthony D’Argenzio to transport others into his peaceful, pastoral world through design and visuals. He’s created a distinct modern-meets-vintage aesthetic both through the studio and his boutique hospitality and real estate firm, This Old Hudson.

It’s an aesthetic his fans are eager to bring home, and it’s led to collaborations and lines with Clé, Hudson Valley Lighting’s Mitzi brand, Apotheke, Anthropologie, Farrow and Ball, West Elm, One Kings Lane, and, now, Industry West.

Anthony D’Arenzio with Industry West + Zio and Sons Collection

The Creation of a Collection

It started, as all great collaborations do, with Instagram. “We’re inspired by people and places, so when Anthony followed us on Instagram, we immediately delved deeper into his work,” recalls Industry West Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Anne England.

Quickly, a flurry of DMs began between the two creative forces, and the seeds fell into place for a collection that would combine Anthony’s artistry and traditional aesthetic with Industry West’s focus on design and craftsmanship. England says, “Anthony’s focus on artisanal-quality craftsmanship, influenced by the landscape of Hudson Valley, felt like the perfect starting point for a bistro collection.”

“Anthony’s focus on artisanal-quality craftsmanship, influenced by the landscape of Hudson Valley, felt like the perfect starting point for a bistro collection.”

Hudson Chair + Chatham Round Patio Table
Hudson Counter Stool + Chatham Counter Table

A Seamless Combination of Styles

With this collection, Zio and Son’s old-world, nostalgic sensibilities meet Industry West’s modern lines. The result is a look that’s equal parts European and American countryside. It feels as if you’ve seamlessly merged the simplicity of a French bistro café with the rustic elegance of the farmhouse tradition.

D’Argenzio was inspired by classic bentwood designs, the kind you often see while antiquing or thrifting in the country, but the look is reimagined in a sleek, durable steel construction. It’s that combination of timeless style and modern functionality that makes this collection perfect for indoors and out, city or country, tiny apartment, or large estate.

“I love the versatility of this collection. I designed each piece to bring a sense of vintage charm to the space. Whether it’s a modern apartment in Manhattan or a historic home upstate, this collection will bring years of durability and style into your home—both indoors and out,” explains D’Argenzio. 

Kinderhook Patio Table

About the Collection with Anthony D’Argenzio

To celebrate the launch of this collaboration, we sat down with Anthony D’Argenzio to find out more about what inspired the collection, his design process, and some of his most exciting upcoming projects:

Tell us about the classic bentwood chairs that inspired the curved lines of the bistro designs. Is this a vintage style you’ve used in your own designs previously?

"I’ve always been super inspired by Thornet, and I’ve used a lot of bentwood in my projects. The chairs are fun to find in antique form, but they’re difficult to find in matching pairs. Mixing and matching is fun, but this makes that vintage feel possible on a larger scale. We’re bringing the vintage form outdoors in a more durable way. I also wanted it to feel like bentwood with a twist, like something you’d see in an ice cream parlor or a French bistro. I was inspired by the curvature of bentwood, but reinterpreted with modern flair, metal, and new colorways."

What was the process like working with Industry West on the materials and design?

“I hand-drew all of the designs. When we started the collaboration for the furniture collection, we looked at their assortment and figured out what was needed. Outdoor furniture was something that I always wanted to do, and that led us to metal. We looked at durability. Should it be aluminum? Steel? A lot of research went into the construction and prototypes. These are all commercial grade because I wanted hotels and hospitality and larger-scale communal projects to be able to source 40 at a time.”

Hudson Chair + Chatham Round Patio Table
Hudson Bar Stool

When you’re working on a new design collaboration, how do you envision the end product?

“When I was working on this line, the main thing was that I wanted it to be indoor and outdoor. I wanted it to feel like it could live inside a tiny apartment or in a commercial setting. That was super important to me—the ability to move it around different places.”

How would you style the collection in a modern apartment in the city vs. a historic farmhouse in the Hudson Valley?

“It really depends on the space. The metal leans more outdoor feeling, and the cream is super chic inside a city apartment. It feels very fresh and cozy—it’s a warm, antique white. It’s not too stark. In the Hudson Valley, I would place it outside or have it spill out from indoor to outdoor. It could go in a modern home or an older home, and it would still feel relevant and fresh. This collection is designed for people who appreciate a bit of nostalgia. A little vintage charm.”

Do you have any exciting real estate or design projects coming up where you plan on including this collection? We’re all ears!

“I do! We’re launching a new listing tomorrow where we’re bringing in the collection to stage the space. It’s fun to have different canvases in the city and upstate to use it. In this listing, we’re using the cream stools in a farmhouse kitchen, then we’re mixing the chairs with an antique table.”

The Industry West x Zio and Sons collection is now available in a natural steel finish, sleek black, and elegant off-white options, offering a look for any style.

Anthony D’Arenzio with Industry West + Zio and Sons Collection