Bobbi Brown's 18 Label Remake

Bobbi Brown’s Green Room Upgrade


Bobbi Brown’s Green Room Upgrade


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When it comes to beautification, few people have mastered the art like Bobbi Brown. She became a revolutionary figure in the beauty industry, forging her way as the preeminent name in makeup across the globe. Now, she’s changing paths, allowing her affinity for beauty to permeate new projects.

Bobbi Brown X Industry West

Parting ways with her namesake brand in 2016, Bobbi introduced a new product line to the world through the innovative brand Jones Road Beauty: clean makeup. Her trailblazing idea was supplemented by an integrated entertainment interest, materializing as 18 Label, a chic event and photo space, and The George, a boutique hotel.

Pursuing her passion for design, Bobbi is making waves in the entertainment space with 18 Label, an industrial-modern photo and event studio where she hosts private events and shoots content for Jones Road Beauty. Her love of eclectic style and need for a relaxing space led her to redefine one of her favorite rooms into the escape it is now: the Green Room.

The Green Room is a break from the bustling floor of events and photo shoots at 18 Label, offering a comfortable space for people to answer emails, gather thoughts, or simply relax.

“Working with Industry West was a dream. My husband and I love an eclectic style so Industry West was perfect to really fit with our aesthetic.”

The Green Room x Industry West
Alfred Shelf

One of Bobbi Brown’s favorite pieces: The Portola Sofa

One of Bobbi’s favorite pieces from the Green Room is the Portola Sofa, a seat that converges comfort and sophistication into an oversized place to lounge. 

Complementing the Portola is the Alfred Shelf, a solid oak wood fixture that elegantly displays books and curios and effortlessly melds with any room’s décor.

Portola Leather Sofa
Supa Form 01 Side Table
18 Label Studio x Industry West
Melt Lounge Chair

“Check out the Melt Lounge Chair. If I sat here, I don’t think I would get up. Like, I get it—you just sit in there and you just melt. They’re warm, they’re comfortable, and when it’s chaotic in the studio, it’s nice and quiet in the Green Room.”

Alongside 18 Label, Bobbi assumed the role of creative director for The George, a boutique hotel she owns with her husband Steven Plofker. A historic landmark of Montclair, Bobbi helped transform The George into a chic, upscale site featured in countless magazines as a top boutique hotel. 

One of her most unique rooms, the Dylan, is aptly decorated with images of Bob Dylan and our Venice Six Drawer Dresser, which perfectly fits the room's design and is the ideal place to unpack your clothes during your stay.

Venice Six Drawer Dresser
Venice Six Drawers Dresser featured in The Dylan Room at The George

“I really love this dresser. It is called the Blackbird Sideboard, and why it’s so cool, I love that it has no knobs…and it’s just a chic piece that really fits in with this room that is eclectic in style and I love the juxtaposition of it.”

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